The System of Reiki

The Five Elements

Reiki is a spiritual and healing practice that includes the Five Elements of Reiki:

  • Developing Spiritual & Mental Focus - (Gokai) - the precepts or guidelines for conduct are:Japanese Reiki Precepts
    • Just for today
    • Do not anger
    • Do not worry
    • Be humble
    • Be honest in your work
    • Be compassionate to yourself and others
  • Meditations and Techniques - centering the mind and building energy flow through meridians
  • Hands on Healing - (Tenohira) - palm healing
  • Mantras and Symbols -(Shirushi and Jumon) - to help connect with the energy
  • Attunements - (Reiju) - a spiritual offering or blessing and a ritual that is performed by a Reiki Teacher on a student.

A Spiritual System of Wholeness

Most people think that Reiki is just about the giving or receiving of the energy in a healing therapeutic way. It is so much more than that. It is a constant practice of mindfully being the energy by incorporating the system into the whole of your life. A continuous path of healing by practicing the system of Reiki. By using the system and it's elements, we begin to let go of self imposed limitations and begin a journey to become our true authentic selves.

By incorporating the system of Reiki into our lives we are "systematically" removing layers of old patterns, learned behaviors and auto response of emotions. Dropping all of this past baggage that at one time got us through life. Now we examine our lives and see that this baggage no longer serves its purpose now and there is a better, more peaceful way to be.